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File Cabinet Levelling & Repair Services in Kitchener & Waterloo

Sometimes after an office move, filing cabinets and other furniture suddenly seem wobbly and off-balance. This can be due to jostling of the furniture in the move or being placed on uneven ground. If left in their unstable state, this furniture can capsize and potentially injure someone.

Protect your workers and customers with filing cabinet levelling services from A-Plus Office Movers Inc in Kitchener, Waterloo, and serving surrounding areas from London to Hamilton, Burlington, and the Greater Toronto Area. Our experienced movers and repairmen know the ins and outs of levelling and repairing damaged filing cabinets and furniture. Our repairs and include aligning the drawers, adjusting hinges as well as simple repairs to the frames, drawers and locks of your filing cabinets.

Why Repair Filing Cabinets?

Not only do unlevelled filing cabinets present a potential danger to your office, they can also decrease your office’s productivity. Stuck drawers will slow your workers down and wobbly furniture will cause your workers to be more cautious in their movements. To maintain a lively pace and increase the productivity at your office, you want to ensure that all furniture is level and in working order.

Take the hassle out of poorly functioning filing cabinets due to improper installation. To ensure your filing cabinets work properly, contact A-Plus Office Movers Inc today to book our professional filing cabinet levelling service.

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