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Office Moving Service in Ontario

Advance project planning means a less stressful, more successful office move. Your A-Plus Office Movers project manager will meet with you prior to the date of your move to discuss strategy and answer any questions you may have, ensuring minimal disruption and downtime. With A-Plus Office Movers Inc, all office moves are done professionally, on budget and on schedule. We’re also highly adaptive to sudden changes in your project and can make adjustments on-the-fly — and do so with a smile, because we truly care about our clients’ needs.

Office Packing Services

Want to streamline your move? A-Plus Office Movers Inc offers office packing services for your convenience.

Plastic Moving Bins Rentals

Cut down on waste and prevent damage to your files by renting plastic moving bins from A-Plus Office Movers Inc. Our bins come with removable labels to make your move as easy and efficient as possible.

Office Decommissioning Services

On occasion, one of our client’s satellite office locations is consolidated, downsized, or closed. When this occurs, we will work closely with the client to assist with the redistribution of office furniture, computers, electronics and office files and contents to the designated locations, including their Head Office. We always respect the client's privacy and integrity as standard practise.

Dump Run Services

During the "Pitch, Pack and Purge" process of a typical office relocation project, there is usually unwanted, surplus items that will not be transported to their new location. We always do our utmost to recycle and repurpose items such as furniture or outdated electronics, called e-waste. This service is part and parcel of our Stress-Free office relocation philosophy.

Protection for Sensitive Electronics & Fragile Items

Our shrink wrap and blanket wrap services can help protect sensitive electronics and fragile items during your move. This is perfect for photocopiers, computers, laptops, projectors and other sensitive equipment.

Some of our additional services include:

  • Filing Cabinet Levelling and Repairs
  • Surplus Furniture Disposal (Donations and Recycling)
  • Precise Whiteboard and Picture Installations

Request a Free Quote

Our estimates are always complimentary and there is never any obligation to choose our services. To request an estimate, please use our online request a quote feature, or simply give us a call.

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