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Plastic Moving Bins Rentals Available

Great Protection + Efficiency

We are proud to offer durable, clean, reusable plastic moving bins that help cut down on waste and also do a great job of protecting your office files and other valuables. With no need for assembly, taping or breakdown, plastic moving bins speed up the move.

Removable Labels

Our bins use removable labels to ensure bins go to the right employee. These help make your move as streamlined and efficient as possible and you can use them on all items being relocated.

Why Plastic Moving Bins?

While cardboard boxes can always be recycled, they are expensive, and cardboard still poses more of a hazard to the environment than reusable plastic bins. For one, recycling cardboard requires fuel to simply move it, then there’s the energy to process it. Secondly, in order for cardboard to be recycled, plasticisers known as phthalates need to be added.

Request a Delivery

To reserve your plastic moving bins, simply call A-Plus Office Movers Inc or use our convenient request a quote feature.

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